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Clay Club

Mud, glorious mud!
Anabel's Mug
Carousel by Aniella
Sam, Callie, Susan, Myself and Ben
Skull by Ben
We're all in on it
A firing well under way...
Susan at the Wheel
Michelle and Jacob at the slab rolle
Goblet Making 101
Just three of us today
Tessa at the wheel
The Picnic, An Untold Story
It was a good firing <3
The imagination rules here
Frances and her Mother
Hullo Frances!
...and Stacey!
Date night at Clay Club
Coil pots are a favorite of mine
we both just won awards!
Maris' award winning Village
Hey Dana!
All this and more!
Meet Nadia
Hi Rachel
Sewing the Seeds of ART
Callie is into it!
Doctor Penson with his frog
Madeline at work on a lantern
Maggie's building an entire tree!
Fiona getting it just right
Anabel, Maggie and Fiona, incognito
Fiona - at work now
Aniella can tell you how it feels
Russell being all serious
The clay beckons...

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