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Welcome to the studio, the home of my creative heart.

Hidden in the Hills Studio is a space where I hope to share ideas and create works that will bring, not only my own ideas into being, but foster the works and creativity of students, family and friends as well.

Enter the basement level through the garden off the driveway and a shop bell will let me know you’ve come. It’s a well-lit space with windows looking out on the garden. 

Well-equipped, the studio has two large work tables, a nice sink and glaze area and lots of clay equipment: There is a large slab roller, an extruder, an electric kiln, two electric wheels and a variety of molds and hand tools.

For the visitor and for research time between projects, there's a nice comfy sofa and chair in the display and office space with computer and an art library to facilitate explorations.

I set up the studio with flexibility in mind so that when the muse calls, we can rearrange as necessary. Theater is often the pushiest of all my muses, she’s inspired large creatures such as purple dragons and even a diva octopus that have pushed most everything else to the walls.

As you may be able to tell, I really hate to say no to a good idea!

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